Corn pumpkin with minced meat
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Sujet du message:  Corn pumpkin with minced meat

To protect the health, the human body has a special "defense" system called the body's resistance. The body's resistance acts as a barrier to protect against threats and harm from the outside such as bacteria, germs, cold air, fresh cheese in hcmc ... and help the body quickly. recover after each illness, injury ... As you can see, increasing the body's resistance is very important. And there's no way simpler and easier than using food. Here are the soup that enhances the resistance very well for the family.

1Corn pumpkin with minced meat

Pumpkin is a food that contains a lot of beneficial nutrients for the body. Pumpkin contains a lot of vitamins, mineral salts, iron and organic acid content.
In addition, pumpkin is also a food that can be used to cook into many delicious and attractive dishes. Strengthen the body's resistance. Renewing kidney spleen, suitable for people with physical weakness or poor diet. Prevention of diseases of spleen and kidney organs.
2Chicken with clams

Clam is rich in phosphorus, protein, vitamins A, C, iron, zinc ... very beneficial to health. Especially because the amount of iron in clam is more than beef so it is very nutritious, suitable for pregnant women, children and the sick who need to nourish.
Clam eating also strengthens the immune system, helps the sick person recover from illness, the normal person is healthier, prevents osteoporosis, good for the heart, beautiful skin, prevents diabetes.

Clams combined with gourd in a bowl of soup are cool, tonic, treat cough, flu, and stimulate the taste, help eat more appetite.

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