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I found a subject on the official Runescape Forums 
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Message I found a subject on the official Runescape Forums
There are not that many men and women who have trained a skill to 99 because they love that particular skill. The majority of the people who have a 99, and I've talked to them about obtaining it, said they hated the RS gold subsequent levels. But why train it if you hate it? After all, it's only a game. Why servant to gain just a cape? That brings me on to my next point. All of them require time and effort, a lot more than others. Why are people downgrading for getting 99 at a skill like Fletching or Cooking? Why has a good 99 ability become a necessity in the last several years?

Skill capes, in my estimation, are a change for the worse. Individuals who wouldn't have even glanced at the thought of getting a 99 ability about a year and a half ago are now desperate to train and train and train till they get that 99, even when they hate the procedure. RuneScape is a match. Games are supposed to be enjoyable, not a kind of parasitic leech that brings you away from the actual world. Your"Skiller Level" formula functions much in the way as your Combat Level formula. Please note this is not an official formula. Don't use a skill more than once.

Old Formula: (Note - don't use the same skill more than once. (Round up.)) (((Your used resource ability + its own production relative with the highest level)x2)+(Your Agility and Thieving levels, added together. x2))x1/5. Remember PEMDAS. Skill Relatives (Note - The abilities following a"origin" skill doesn't mean they are all related. Woodcutting and FireMaking is related, whereas FireMaking and Fletching is not.)

Thieving, Agility and Slayer have no direct family members. They can be relatives for any other skill. Construction - WoodCutting or Smithing. The second one is preferred due to it being in a position to have the same minimum and maximum for F2Pers and P2Pers. Can anybody code a calculator to get this?

I found a subject on the official Runescape Forums

For getting your skill level ratio to combat level. Combat Level x100 then divided by 138: Ability Level x100 then split by 159. This will get your level from 100. Combat Level x100 then split by 126: Skill Level x100 then divided by 159. This will definitely get your level from 100. The reason I reworked the procedure was for this to work for F2Pers and P2Pers equally, and to function like combat level, where you're just marked for abilities you care about.

This isn't just another rumor, I discovered a subject on the official Runescape Forums, this is a jagex moderator clearing up things about this particular ring. Sorry I do not own a link like I saw this topic last year. This is the way ROW work's. The ring of riches (ROW) doesn't accually raise the drop rate of infrequent drops. It does this by when you get a rare shed without this ring, it'll be buy OSRS gold rarer with it.

Mar Sep 29, 2020 6:57 am
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